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The Biggest Mistake You Can Make & How To Avoid It

I know it sounds quite dramatic, but there are many pitfalls and traps you can fall into with paid traffic. However, there is one major mistake that can happen with paid traffic which is by far the biggest mistake of all.

So, what is the biggest mistake with paid traffic?

Well, no doubt, the biggest mistake we have seen is sending paid traffic to a page that does not exist.

What do we mean by a page that does not exist? It is a 404 page and leads the visitor to absolutely no where. It can often look like this:

404 Page
404 Page

You may be wondering why anyone would / could possibly do this. But you would be amazed just how easily this can happen – trust me, I’ve seen it WAY too many times.

Either someone has copied in the URL incorrectly, or some time down the track, a URL has changed. Sadly, it can happen very easily and all too often.

Despite it being a complete waste of money when this happens (which is a crime unto itself), it is actually against Google’s Terms of Service and your ad will get disapproved eventually. If this happens enough times, in the worst case scenario, you may also find that your AdWords account can get banned.

So, how can you avoid this happening?

Well, the team at Green Arrow Digital have fortunately, got automatic scripts in place which check our URLs automatically, but if you were to do this manually, we have shot a quick video demonstrating how you would do this.

We hope you enjoyed this video and if you have any further questions, just leave a comment or contact us.

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