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New Facebook Custom Audience – Page Engagement

The Facebook ad platform really does just keep getting better and better. And this latest roll out by Facebook is no exception.

We all know you can create custom audiences of people who have been to your website before, which we LOVE. That is, classic remarketing.

But now, Facebook has taken it up a notch by introducing a way to re-engage the people who have been to your Facebook PAGE!

Custom Audiences of Page Engagement

Yes, that’s right. You can now show ads to people who have only been to your Facebook PAGE, and not even your website. If you have a Facebook page with a lot of activity, you are now in luck.

We are pretty excited about this to be honest, as it opens up the door to more warm traffic.

How Do You Create These Page Engagement Audiences?

We created a short video of exactly how to do it.

So, be sure to watch the video to see just how easy it is to do.

I really see this new audience definition as just an extension of the remarketing campaigns, but it is best to test it’s effectiveness first.

Hint: it is probably best to put this specific audience in it’s own ad set first to be sure you can monitor the effectiveness of it.

Let us know the results you get!

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