Google Adwords Scripts

Imagine if you could wave your magical AdWords wand and have it take away all of the annoying little repetitive tasks.

Tasks like:

  1. Search term report
  2. Checking landing pages working ok
  3. Increasing bids that are in ad position 5 or worse.

Well, the good news is that you CAN actually wave this magical wand with a very funky tool called AdWords Scripts.

Firstly, What Are Scripts?

Scripts are a bit of code which you  copy in your Adwords account to automate tasks for you. These scripts are often run by users to automate repetitive tasks for them and can and do run in the background.


What Can They Do?

Scripts are actually extremely powerful and can do a number of things.

Below is generally what they can help with:

1. Reporting
If you are just starting out, I’d recommend just using scripts to help with reporting.

So, scripts can help you by sending you an email notifying you on certain updates or daily performance of your account. It’s not making changes though it’s just alerting you an update on a performance report so you don’t need to go manually in your AdWords account and extract the report you need.

2. Making changes in your account
You can go next level by using scripts to make changes in your account for you. The changes on your data will based on the instruction and certain conditions you set for it. This is a very powerful feature, but be sure you know what you are doing first before you start getting it to makes changes on your behalf.

3. Import 3rd party data
Scripts can also import 3rd party data which you can then use into your Adwords account.

Are scripts same as Automated Rules in Adwords?

automated rules
Users may think that the functionalities may be the same for Automated Rules and Scripts. But the huge difference between the two is that scripts can be scheduled to run hourly. Automatic rules can only run daily, weekly, or monthly – not monthly. Plus scripts are A LOT more powerful. Automatic rules will only get you so far.

Here are some two examples that our Agency are using:

First Example. Landing Page checking, the worst mistake you may ever commit in your ads is sending your visitors to 404 Page or a non-existent page in your website.

And if this is the case, instead of manually (and repetitively) doing this by checking every final url in your ads you can set your script to check the the final url and send you email notifications if everything is working.

And we set this alert hourly so we could get notified quickly especially when we’re running ads for websites with high traffic. So if in case the website’s server or the landing page itself goes down you’ll be notified quickly so that you can do the appropriate action.

Second Example. Instead of going thru your search term report to look for the search queries, you can automate scripts to send the search queries for you via email so you don’t have to do it manually.

The Best Part of Scripts?

Script code can look a little bit scary the first time you see them – but there are a number of free tool which allow you to copy their scripts, to use in your own account.

So therefore, you don’t need to learn how to code!

Here are the websites that offers bunch of scripts with descriptions of their use which you can use for your Adwords accounts for Free.

If you’re brand new with scripts, we’d recommend you to start with the second link.

Since the implementation of the scripts are laid out more clearly and finding a script you need is easier to find there.

If you want more in depth training on scripts, be sure to join up to our PPC Academy and see how we use them in our agency.

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