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What To Look For In An AdWords Manager

Appointing an AdWords manager is no easy decision and definitely not one to be taken lightly.

To better equip you with what you should look for in an AdWords manager, we have outlined a list of attributes which should be on your checklist.

Someone who is a PPC specialist and extremely knowledgeable about Google’s policies.

Keeping up to date with all of Google’s updates and changes is a job in itself. So, it is important to appoint a manager who knows the latest information. This can be the difference between having a successful campaign or not. Importantly, if you appoint a manager who isn’t aware of Google’s terms and conditions, you may get your account banned for breaching their terms and conditions, which is obviously the worst case scenario.

Thorough reporting

Having a PPC manager who provides accurate and thorough reporting is the best way to know what is happening with your account. Ideally this report will provide information on how much you spend and which were the best performing campaigns.

An agency which communicates regularly

Communication is key. In fact, constant communication is key. Your AdWords manager should regularly ‘check in’ with you to tell you what is working, what is not and what additional areas should be explored and why.

An agency who is clear on your goals and objectives

This is really one of the most important aspects when appointing a PPC manager. Your AdWords manager needs to fully understand what you are trying to achieve from your online advertising, whether it be brand awareness or just simply more customers. And any agency that you appoint should work from a baseline measurement of profit and CPA (cost per acquisition). CPA is the cost per lead. If you find your potential agency talking about best click-through-rates and impressions, this is not a good sign.

We hope this helps in your decision making process and if you have any questions about our management style, feel free to contact us for a chat. It’s free!

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