Want to generate a consistent flow of high-quality leads and sales at the lowest possible cost per lead but don’t know where to start?

Let this highly sought-after and respected PPC marketer from Australia show you…

How to ​Profitably​ Generate ​As Many High-Quality Leads and Sales as You Can Handle​ Using Facebook Ads and Google AdWords…Without​ Hiring an Agency… and ​Even if​ Your Current Cost Per Lead is SKY HIGH or You’re Just Getting Started With Pay-Per-Click Marketing

The best part: You don’t need a giant ad budget to get started!

From the desk of Ilana Wechsler

Sydney, Australia

Dear Business Owner,

Do you ever secretly wonder if your Facebook and Google AdWords campaigns could be doing better than they are right now?

Or, do you want to fire your agency and run your PPC campaigns yourself but don’t know who you can trust to show you how to do it the right way, so you don’t lose money?

If so, you’re not alone. These problems are shared by many business owners and, unfortunately, the truth is, if you’re like most people who try to manage their PPC marketing on their own…

… it’s very likely that you’re flushing money down the toilet – money that should be in your pocket – by ​spendingway too much​ to generate a lead or sale…

… and you’re only getting a ​tiny fraction​ of the number of leads and sales you ​could​ be getting if you were running your campaigns like the top pro’s.

This makes it very difficult for your business to grow… and for YOU to make the money you deserve.

But there’s good news!

Generating boatloads of high-quality leads at a profit is not terribly difficult or complicated – you just need to know what to do!

And being able to do this yourself – without being chained to an agency – is a dream come true for most business owners because it means…

YOU are in control of your lead flow and your business!

Imagine how your business and your life will change when you can turn the handle on the “lead faucet” and watch as leads and sales flow consistently into your business every day!

Hi, my name is Ilana Wechsler, and I’m an ex-corporate data analyst from Australia turned Pay-Per-Click marketing pro. I’ve spent the past 5 years generating tens of thousands of leads for my PPC clients, some of whom are spending over $50,000 a month on Facebook and Google ads!

Over the years, I’ve discovered all the “insider secrets” used by top marketers around the world to create insanely profitable Facebook and Google AdWords campaigns. In fact, I’ve had to stop taking on new clients at my PPC agency, Green Arrow Digital, because my current clients are so happy with the results I’ve created for them that they’ve referred as many new clients to me as I can handle!

My success has led to me being interviewed as an expert guest on multiple marketing podcasts, as well as to being a featured presenter at a recent internet marketing conference.

Today, in addition to running my PPC agency, I teach pro-level PPC marketing to business owners and marketers all over the world, as well as to students at The University of Sydney here in Sydney, Australia.

Incredible Results

All my real-world experience creating and running profitable PPC campaigns has led to some incredible results​… which YOU can create too, once I show you how!

Here are just a few examples of many:

• I helped a large home building company ​cut their cost per lead from $1,547.10 down to just $17​ by optimizing their sales funnel, tightening up their keyword selection,implementing a remarketing campaign with very specific criteria, and by using a few more “trade secrets” I can’t mention here. The company is now ​consistently generating dozens of high-quality leads every month​ from this one campaign alone!

• I eliminated ​$4,782 of wasted ad spend​ for another company, freeing that money up to be used for other (profitable) campaigns. (Without knowing, they had been paying to advertise on ​thousands​ of mobile apps… and had not generated a single sale from them! This is just one of the many PPC pitfalls that you can fall into – ​automatically​ – by not knowing the proper way to set up a new campaign.)

• I helped a dentist ​cut his cost per lead from $1,483.90 down to just $42.45!​ I did this by restructuring his account, fixing the keyword selection, eliminating wasted ad spend,creating a remarketing campaign, and implementing an effective mobile campaign. Before I came along, this dentist had been spending about $50 a day on PPC marketing and only generating ​one​ lead per month. After I fixed his campaigns, he generated ​79 leads in just 30 days​!

All my real-world experience creating and running profitable PPC campaigns has led to someincredible results​… which YOU can create too, once I show you how!

To the average business owner, these results may seem miraculous. Impossible, even. But whenyou know all the ins and outs of Facebook and Google AdWords, getting results like these isn’tmagic (although it may look like it) – it’s just a matter of applying the right strategies in the rightway!

And the good news is…

I can teach ​anyone​ how to do it!

Inside my private, “members only” community, PPC Academy, I will show you ​exactly​ how to profitably​ generate as many high-quality leads and sales as you can handle using Facebook ads and Google AdWords. You will learn the ​exact same strategies and tactics I use every day​ to create winning campaigns for my agency clients. As a PPC Academy member, you will be given everything you need to go from a complete beginner to a PPC pro in a matter of weeks.

Soon, you will be able to create and run your own winning PPC campaigns at will… and itdoesn’t matter if your current cost per lead is sky high or if you’re just getting started with PPCmarketing, because the training I provide is ​complete​, ​detailed​, and ​always up-to-date​.

And it’s okay if you’re starting with a small ad budget, because once I show you how to generate leads and sales practically on demand, your ad budget will grow ​very​ quickly… and so will your business!

Who is PPC Academy for?

PPC Academy is for you if you want to

PPC Academy is NOT for you if

• Start using paid traffic to consistently bring in new leads and sales (even if you’re completely new to PPC marketing).

• Run ​highly profitable​ remarketing campaigns.

• Bring the management of paid traffic campaigns in-house. (This way, 100% of the money you spend can go towards buying more traffic and making more sales – NOT to an agency!)

• Start your own PPC agency (so you can get paid for running Facebook and Google AdWords campaigns for other businesses).

• You are not prepared to spend at least $10/day on ads.

• Your business is brand new and you are testing an unproven concept.

• You are not committed to rolling up your sleeves and learning how to run highly successful ad campaigns.

Personal Attention and Guidance

PPC Academy members LOVE the personal attention they get from me; I’m available most days to answer ​any​ questions you have about PPC so you’re never stuck wondering what to do. And because I stay up to date on all the important changes in the digital advertising world, you ​always have access to the most current, relevant information, which I post regularly.

I also get on the phone with each new member and ​personally​ review their existing Facebook,AdWords, and Analytics accounts (if they have them) so I can tell them what mistakes they’remaking and exactly how to fix them. (Don’t be surprised if I find HUGE mistakes that are robbing you of thousands of dollars a month. It happens all the time!)

And, as if everything above weren’t enough, I also spend one-on-one time with ​every​ member each month to make sure your campaigns are fully optimized to produce the highest number of leads and sales at the lowest possible cost.

As you can see, I ​truly care​ about my PPC Academy members and will go above and beyond to help you succeed.

Here’s what to do next:

Due to high demand, PPC Academy is currently full. However, spots open up periodically.

To be notified as soon as space becomes available, ​click the button below to add yourself to the wait list​.

When one or more spots open up, I send an email to everyone on the waitlist. Enrollment staysopen until the spots are filled.

(Please note: Due to the personal attention I give each member, I am only able to make a small number of spots available at any given time. And because there are a LOT of people on the PPC Academy waitlist who are waiting for a chance to join, the spots fill ​very​ fast, so be sure to act quickly when you get the email.)

If you want to be able to profitably generate as many high-quality leads and sales as you can handle and grow your business ​fast​, click the button above to add yourself to the waitlist ​now​.

I look forward to meeting you. See you on the inside!


Ilana Wechsler

P.S. Take a look at these testimonials from some of my happy students and agency clients. When you are a PPC Academy member, you will get ​all​ the training and support you need to create results just like these for YOUR business!

“​We have been so busy with new work we have had to bring on a number of newfull time staff members”

The AdWords campaign run for us by Green Arrow Digital has exceeded all our expectations.We have been so busy with new work we have had to bring on a number of new full time staff members to enable us to deal with it all. As a new business Green Arrow Digital has enabled us to grow much faster than we ever thought was possible.​”

–Joshua Reimer, Johnstone and Reimer Lawyers

“​ROI improved dramatically: we got more enquiries (and better quality enquiries)for the same spend.​ ​Now, every dollar we put into AdWords brings us about five dollars in revenue in new business.”

“Green Arrow Digital unlocked the potential of PPC for us. Previously, we had tried managing our own PPC campaigns, but found it incredible complex and quickly realised we were wasting ad spend. When Green Arrow took over, ​ROI improved dramatically:we got more enquiries (and better quality enquiries) for the same spend.​ ​Now, every dollar we put into AdWords brings us about five dollars in revenue in new business. We can’t recommend Green Arrow highly enough.​”

–Reuben Field Lights Camera Business

“We stopped wasting money on low yielding clicks. The results were remarkable.All of our metrics improved. So did our business.”

We are so impressed with the way Ilana handled our Google AdWords account. After years of guess work and fumbling our way around AdWords, myths and miss information it was a relief to finally find someone who knew what they we doing. Ilana took the time to know our business and developed a targeted campaign to suit, then proceed to tweak the campaign as the results came in. ​Our ads were more directed and we stopped wasting money on low yielding clicks. The results were remarkable. All of our metrics improved. So did our business. Ilana knowledge of AdWords is stunning and I would highly recommend her services to anyone.

–Kris Fowler

“… enquiries jumping by 30 – 40% … plus a huge load off my mind …”

“I wanted to thank you for the great job you’ve done since taking over management of Team Bonding’s AdWords account. There is absolutely, definitely ​a positive ROI from your work, with enquiries jumping by 30 – 40%​ some weeks. Plus ​a huge load off my mind​ that I am finally getting the best from AdWords and not relying on my haphazard methods. There is so much change these days, it would be near impossible for the average entrepreneur to keep up with it, ​I’m so grateful I found you​. Thanks for being so interested in my business and being equally delighted about the improvements in our key metrics. I truly feel like you are part of our team and it is lovely to work with someone who listens to my ideas and improves on them! Thanks again, here is to many more years of win win partnership.”

–Cate Richards,Team Bonding

“… helping me improve my profitability.” “… much easier to manage my accountthan before.”

“Before taking Ilana's Masterclass, I had no idea how to use AdWords properly. Since taking the class, I was able to create, optimize, and monitor several different campaigns.Now I feel that I have a better understanding of how to manage my AdWords account.The knowledge I have acquired during ​the Masterclass is helping me improve my profitability. I also find it is much easier to manage my account than before.​”

–Andres, Vela Solutions

“I'll definitely be implementing some of the tactics learned not only for myself, butfor my clients!”

“The Green Arrow Digital AdWords course was excellent! Having worked with AdWords in the past, it was a great way to refresh and learn some tricks of the trade to optimise my search and display marketing. ​I'll definitely be implementing some of the tactics learned not only for myself, but for my clients!​

–Brent Ryan, Dragon Fly Marketing

“A practical, easy to follow, step by step guided tour.”

“Ilana's AdWords Masterclass webinar is ​a practical, easy to follow, step by step guided tour​. The course clearly explains to the digital layperson how to effectively and efficiently take control over creating and delivering your own AdWords digital marketing campaigns.”

–Greg Hall, Breathe Wellbeing

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