How To Use Webinars To Grow & Scale Your Database With Charles Kirkland

In the podcast:

02:17 – Charles Kirkland Journey
06:16 – How Charles Have Used Webinars
09:27 – Webinar As a Sales Tool
13:57 – Goal of Webinar
16:56 – How Charles Do a Webinar
22:16 – Targeting People Through Webinar
25:08 – Managing Webinars Deadline through Deadline Funnel
27:25 – Essential Equipments in Doing Webinar
34:24 – Generating Leads and Sales with Webinars

I interview Charles Kirkland who reveals some incredible strategies for how he uses Facebook Ads to get people to register a webinar which he uses to generate leads and sales. You don’t want to miss this episode.

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Ilana: Welcome to today’s episode of Talking Web Marketing. I have a very special guest today of the name of Charles Kirkland. Welcome to the show Charles.

Charles: Hey hey hey how’s it going?

Ilana: It’s good. How are you?

Charles: Doing good. I’m above ground which is a good day.

Ilana: That’s a win in my book.

Charles: Absolutely. So I had a personal thank you for inviting me on the podcast. If your listeners are struggling they could be like what kind of accent does he have.

Ilana: I am wondering that.

Charles: You know so and if you’re an American it’s like she’s got a Zimbabwe. Everybody with a non-American accent is like way smarter. It’s just, a pack of why. We grew up if you were English you were an Australian or Indian, you were like the smartest person in the room because obviously they’re all smart. So that is one of those things so it is a southern accent.

Ilana: So here’s the thing Charles you are the one with the accent not me.

Charles: It’s interesting. Yeah it works ‘coz I always tell people, why do you talk so funny. Everybody should have like my accent and everybody I know they go nope, nope not me in any way shape or form.

Ilana: Exactly, So where about you live?

Charles: We’re actually out of Charleston South Carolina, and for those of you that don’t know it’s been voted like the politest city in America for a gazillion years it’s like one of the number one destination spots just a super cool place. Just imagine if everything was still 300 years old, that’s why it looks like buildings are all cobblestone streets, it’s very historic, it’s a cool place to be.

Charles Kirkland Journey

Ilana: It does sound it. So you are the owner of Kirkland Media Group. Can you tell us a little bit about of what you do?

Charles: Yeah. Basically I’ll give you a bit of my background that would kind of lead into this wacky story. Believe me this is wacky. So go to school, get a degree because everybody says you got to go to college, you get a degree or else you’ll be homeless living in a box and your parents will be taken care of. So go to school, get a degree, get carpal tunnel. Three years out of college with an engineering degree and if you can’t use a computer it must engineer jobs are just high paid sweatshops. It’s about wasn’t really getting paid that much still sweatshop. So I started selling plans on how to build barns online in the first month.

So my concept is nobody’s got enough storage, everybody needs a barn, everybody needs a shed because that’s just where we work. And the first month didn’t make anything. And people that I knew I can hear your dumb, your idiot, you quit your job, you had an engineering degree, you had a cool job. Now you are you know, an idiot.

Ilana: Can I just interrupt you for one sec? How were you promoting them?

Charles: I just put up a website, you put up a website they come, that’s what I read. So this is 1999 and it’s like got my website. For whatever reason the people didn’t come. So the second month I discovered something that was an SEO tool. It’s devant now so no need to even mention it. But it allows you to create like thousands and thousands of what we record to our web pages which really are fancy words for saying, I spend that every living daylights out of google more than like search engines that don’t even exist anymore and the second month made it back in the day, so i made about ten thousand dollars that second month. And so it’s been a wild ride since then. That’s kind of story of it.

Ilana: So you started with Barns and then you move on to?

Charles: So Google banned me and you know from an SEO standpoint you know well things just didn’t work for that long. So got in the PPC and in 2010 became one of the top 100 affiliates a click-bait. So at that peak we were, if I told you the numbers that wouldn’t even be believable. Let’s just say, I sold the whole lot of digital downloads.

So the next year became clickbank’s top client with my digital products became one of clickbank’s top vendors and then from there we started the media buyer association to help people, we are ahead by media without you know getting scammed because let’s face it there’s a lot of stuff online. We’ve all seen it you know pushed two buttons and get a gazillion clicks and it’s only 14.95 with a countdown timer if you don’t buy it a day that giant orange button it’s going up to like a 20 to 95. So you know your conscious. You know I’ve had conversations with people, they all, I shall pay you, I can get the same service on whitefly $49 on Eylandt. Find somebody can manage everything you do for $49 a month let me know how that works, please call me in thirty day.

Ilana: Wow that sounds like quite a journey for you.

Charles: We’ve had ups and we’ve had downs but you know I think that’s part of the business cycle which as an entrepreneurs we’re never told. Since it’s like you know the day you start you’re going to be the next ebay, clickbank, paypal whatever. Truth the matter is it’s going to be a rollercoaster. And depending on where you hope somebody is where they ride on that rollercoaster.

Ilana: That’s right and I think it’s also really important just to enjoy the journey because it is a journey and just like you’ve got to enjoy the journey otherwise the destination won’t be worth it.

Charles: Exactly, exactly, exactly. So that’s kind of two cent on Charles.

How Charles Have Used Webinars

Ilana: I like it. So today we are going to be talking about how you have used webinars in fact to as you said before we hit record you’ve recorded about 2000 webinars. Is that right?

Charles: We were over 2000 webinars of we were point of doing like five of them a day. And the reality of that is it take its toll. I will tell you that like my ability to speak for like a long length of time, I use to be able to speak you know like i’ll be drinking water, I’ll be wolfing down coffee, I mean you’re not meant to speak all day but the reality of it is I get smarter after, it didn’t take me much longer to realise that I needed to automate those webinars so literally, we’ve gone everything automated now.

We don’t really do anything live. You know queuing like I mean you talking. But we’ve done just a massive amount of webinars we’ve tested everything that we could find to test because the reality of it is it was just so you don’t know me from Adam’s housecat you’ve never seen me, you’ve never heard of me, you’re on Facebook, you’re on Google, you’re somewhere or you see a banner, you see a news feed ad, you see a search ad, doesn’t make a difference. You don’t know me.

And in today’s environment we’re saying hey you don’t know me I’m probably not a scam artist but you don’t really know me. Would you please read this 47 page sales letter with the countdown timer at the top that basically says the next 30 seconds if you don’t buy, your cat gonna get kidnapped. Would you please give me money? That doesn’t quite work the way it used to. We’re now in an environment where we inherently don’t even trust people. Why do webinars work?

If I can get you to listen to me for an hour straight and listen to my proposal, let me give you content. I’ve owned the right to pitch you and I don’t mean it as negative as it may sound but if you’ve seen the content, you’ve seen the argument, you’ve listened to me. When I’m asking you buy my product is going to be very easy for you to say I trust Charlels. We just spent an hour together. He made a very logically laid out argument on why his service offered product XYZ is what I need right now. And that’s really the thing you know if you were looking at a TV show they can watch seven minutes commercial, seven minutes commercial you know.

Let’s just talk about I’mma just pull movie Pirates of the Caribbean. Great movie, love series but at the end of the day i’m like uncle and auntie sitting here for like two hours watching movie an hour and a half and it’s an action movie with people I like and something I think it’s kind of cool. So when we’re asking people to sit down and give me an hour of your time we have to respect it. But if they will listen to me for an hour we got visual science, we can have live video like you know head video things that nature. We make an argument and we’re saying we’re now together on this and we have a common enemy we’re going to be doing this together, please give me your money. It’s a much easier sell than please read the 48 page sales letter on countdown timer.

Webinar As a Sales Tool

Ilana: Yes I understand. So, big picture, a bit of a visual person. How do you use webinars like in what obviously a sales tool but.

Charles: Lead generation and that’s kind of an interesting concept. The reality of it is if I come out and say please watch this webinar, you like you know I don’t have an hour. Actually Charles, I just don’t have an hour. If I had an hour, I’d be in a bubble bath, I will be sleeping, my kids were at school and I’m getting some shut up. That’s what most people said. And then I would say the same thing.

But this is what we do we typically bring people to a page where like hey we’re going to give you a free download so for us that download would be using a free PDF on how to do targeting on Facebook. So anybody is using Facebook ads that at least is picking their interest. You know I maybe approached this and they may not want it, that’s great. They may be a beginner. We’re gearing that particular lead magnet to only attract people who are using Facebook and Facebook Ads.

Ilana: So you’re featuring them on the front head. You know, instead of waiting the people who aren’t even using Facebook ads yet, you’re targeting it to people who currently using it. If I understand it correctly. And that PDF is how long is it approximately, short or long?

Charles: Four pages.

Ilana: Okay, so consumed very quickly.

Charles: Absolutely. So this is what we do with we’ll run that on Facebook. And the key is because of the type of our, if you’re not running Facebook ads but you’re in marketing, you’re probably not going to click. I mean is you know, if you’re not running ad, you don’t really care about targeting. If you’ve run an ad and you have not made money, man, targeting is a big deal. I mean targeting it’s just, oh my gosh. So what happens, we make the promise they opt in on the thank you page, we don’t give them the download. For number of reason. We do eventually give them the download but not on the thank you page.

On the download page, we have a video like going back to video face to face video. Hey this is Charles, I’m excited to have you. Checked your email in 10 or 15 minutes. You don’t say check email now ‘coz they will leave and not to my next desired action. And we’re really looking at compliance. So if they’ve done one action which is they wrapt it in, the video says hey you know what, I’ve got a special webinar I think you’d enjoy it. Click the link, watch the webinar there’s another one here, join Facebook group. We put a ton of content in there. I think you’ll enjoy it as well and check your email on 10 or 15 minutes and you know if you don’t see it make sure you come back and reply let me know, send an email even to people you know who are your buddies and your mom. So basically we’re just say, the email doesn’t show up Charles immediately just a lying sack of you know what, he is a spammer and you know burn the house down, ran you out of town with pictures.

You know it’s it bad, so we have to look at it. We have to assure them that it’s coming. We can’t tell them to check email now because it’s squirmy. I mean I don’t know about you but I go in email box and it’s like everybody wants me to do something for them. So it’s we don’t want to distract them. Also look at multiple ways to communicate to a prospect they already on Facebook so they can click the link and join a Facebook group, not a problem. We also tell them to sign up for the webinar special presentation. They click the link on the page which will immediately take them to a webinar registration page.

Now this is the thing that we find interesting. It’s compliance. You have already taken a small step so maybe the next step Charles isn’t going to be so bad. You know, he’s an attractive guy, give him my phone number, he called or wanted a date. Who wants to do is go get coffee. That’s what the webinars lets go get coffee and see you know you’re safe or even compatible enough to take this to the next step. So they immediately click on the page and the webinars starts every 15 seconds. And the reason for that is an hour on Internet time is like an eternity.

I mean it’s just you know for all I know Bob can be at work tomorrow, he could be looking at cat videos. He’s watching a music video on YouTube. He is not concerned about Charles. But if it’s happening every 15 minutes and we opt into the webinar I get a video where I’m going to talk for like 7. I’m pretty much guaranteeing you know you’re going to be for the webinar story. So you opt in it’s the video right for the webinar. Hey, this is Charles, I am excited to have you. Let me just teach you something right before the webinar starts and we’re going to have a great time together.

Goal of Webinar

The whole goal in that is to get them, it’s a full video at least get them to my presentation. Coz they might say this guy is an idiot, I’ll never watch him who does he think he is. So if we’re turning people off on that video that after they’re not watching the webinar, which is fine with me, it’s not a big deal but if I could engage with you on that pre-role video, man Charles, pretty cool. He’s kinda funny, I like him. He would be a cool guy to hang out with. They are more inclined to watch my webinar.

Now before we go to the webinar, let’s sidetracked over to the email. Why come I don’t give you the pdf file from the download page. Well you’d open the pdf, you look at the pdf, you’re never going to do anything with the pdf but you gonna at least look at it and i’ll decide later after pdf. ‘Coz you know every pdf you download needs be printed with and highlighted in triplicate right here right now this moment. Because of that it’s the squirrel thing it’s like he had a webinar started oh look at this. Oh you know Charles that I should go next in other Facebook ads playing with targeting not much in Charles. And if I send you an email and you open that email, it’s actually dang it gets me. So let’s just say that I send you an email, you don’t open it. Google’s may Charles have the crappiest email. Nobody’s even open his email.

But if I forced you to open that first email. I’m saying Google look Bob open my email therefore I get a very high open rate on that first email and that leads to higher open rates because you’re just taking one more compliant action which is just asking for small steps compliance and that might actually fall when you watch the entire webinar. During the webinar, I’m often say does this make sense to you, do you follow this, would you say this is a great idea.

We’re asking that through the entire webinar because as long as you’re in compliance saying yes, yes, yes, yes. It’s easier to get you to say yes to buying from me. So let’s just say that we’re talking on the webinar, let’s say I’m on the webinar and you’re listening to me. And I kinda say do you have kids in as you’re more in as hectic as mine is trying to get my kids out. And the door with the dog and breakfast and getting up late and you know getting your kids to school and everything else. It’s hectic.

If you would say yes that’s true, that’s right. You know you just don’t have the energy to make it through the day and you’re tired and you know you’re propped up on caffeine and coffee if you agreed you’d say yes and I can get you saying yes. But if I said you know do you wake up to a nice quiet morning like little birds fly in your room and it’s like Cinderella. They grab the sheets, they may come in you know you’re having a cup of coffee waiting for you and your husband sitting there with a robe they just put in the dryer to make sure it’s nice and warm and get your papers slippers. I can’t relate to tha. This guy is an idiot. I’m leaving. Because if you say no to one thing you’re more inclined to say no to everything after that.

How Charles Do a Webinar

So our thing is I need you to say yes, yes, yes, yes. Then when it gets to the point of me making a logical argument or wage by a product, you’ve already agreed that it’s kind of like, a great book is called Psychology Influence the Power of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini and his comment and this is really should be just basic reading of everybody because unbelievable, powerful. They were doing a study and if they could get somebody to say yes one time, they would say yes after that but if he said no the first time you just continually say no, no, no, no, no. So we use a lot of psychology in that webinar and we use a lot of visual images. So if I said well okay, what car do you drive?

Ilana: Wait, are you asking me?

Charles: Yeah, what car do you drive?

Ilana: I drive a Toyota.

Charles: What kind?

Ilana: It’s a real family people waver. One of the big ones coz I have three children.

Charles: Oh cool. Okay well I don’t know the name brand but you know what I’m thinking? Big SUV or van. Big is probably, if it looks like my car, kids have problems in the back seat. My kids can get a milkshake in like a steel titanium cup and somehow magically have all the windshield, the front seat, the DVD player, I have pulled food out of more places I really meant. You know you go to the super back in a minutes like you know they like they’ll come back to the car wash as you burn up the motor and super back tryin’ to clean the car.

But as I’m using images were describing this everybody in this could vision what we’re talking about. But if I said yeah it’s a little car. What kind of car? Little Honda, what kind of little honda? Well Honda City, what color, gray. We use a lot of images that represent in part what a prospect wants. So when we’re talking about driving home the pain of you know struggling and not having this and not having that. We’re using images to drive that home and we’re also using text I’m reading it. You’re hearing it, you’re visually seeing it and there is an image that goes along with that description so people get it from multiple mentalities. Now this is the cool thing we do to webinar, we close on the webinar and either buy or don’t. Really there’s only two options buy or don’t.

So let’s say 997 or 6 payments of 197. Now personally I want the 997. I really do want the 997. I also take the 6 payments of 197 when I said no, I’m not complaining about that. But what we do in these offers we make the offer to a point where they’re pretty much. The bonuses are really as important as they are. So like what we deal is like hey we’ll give you an agency site when you buy product xyz limited to the first 10 people. Truthfully, we wanna go get em on our site and sign hundred dollars, thousand dollars, ten thousand dollars, that doesn’t really make a difference.

The biggest stumbling blocks that you would have in the offer of one of our bonuses are bound. So if I start marketing, you just want to have a website. Hey, we want to give you a website. Well I don’t have SOP’s and I don’t know how to do this. Well let me give you my SOP’s. Well I don’t have weighted predictably get clients so I can do that we got cold email. What really deep bonuses, answer the objections that you would have on the webinar. So at the end of the webinar, it’s like well all my problems are cured if I buy the product. But let’s just say you don’t buy the product.

Let’s just say that right now I do the webinar and he’s like he’s an idiot. Closed the webinar and you’re gone. 15 minutes after the webinar you get an email. Hey this is Charles, I really enjoyed having you in the webinar. Thank you for watching the entire webinar. Here’s a replay. You go to the replay link and the video is like youtube. It’s like control you can like scrub the video, watch what you want or watch all of it. There’s no surprises there’s nothing hidden here but when it happens if you bailed 10 minutes into the webinar. The kids screaming, the dogs barking and their big. The dog’s chewing the kids homework. Oh gosh little Johnny why you did that today.

Well you don’t know the offer yet you’ve seen so we’ll send you the link. Hey, she left early you know we now busy. Click here to watch the replay but the replay has zero control. Otherwise you grab and you go to scrub. He wants that thousand dollars who does he think he is and you leave and you even forget about it. We could be like we’re going to give you the keys to a brand new Lamborghini and it’s only a thousand dollars but you people inherently want to know the price first. And if I can’t I mean okay so we’re walking onto the car lot and you go I want that car. And they got a hundred thousand dollars.

Well I don’t know much but you know the justifications self-cleaning and it’s never going down in value and it’s got to work for life and it’s all electric and you know it doesn’t pull the environment and little you know you’re saving a little kids. Well that’s a justification for why it’s $100,000. But if you just hear $100,000, no i’ll take the other one, the blue one, $50,000.

The reality of it is we need you to consume the content. I need you in compliance, say yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. So when you see the offer was not a big deal. So that’s kind of how that works.You’re pushing people in compliance because you need them to say yes.

Targeting People Through Webinar

Ilana: I understand. So you’re segmenting for the people who don’t make it through the webinar versus the people who do.

Charles: Exactly. So if you see 100% of the webinar, you see a different message than if you left before the pitch.If you left during my story of Hey, this is Charles you know this is my struggle, you would see a different video. The reality of it is we give people different mode. So we you know we have different videos for different things. Now the reality of it is if you like me and you debate how you know, do I trade work for sleep, for time, for kid. How am I going to sleep, how am I cooking dinner, how am I going to get work doing, how I’d be the dad, how I be that you know, how I’d be everything my family needs me. You’re getting pulled in a million directions.

So if you say Charles sit down on a sunny afternoon and just give me an hour half of your time, an hour and a half full sun and I’d be sleep. But because of that, we give people the webinar or also audio. You could do with any other product and we give people hey listen to this audio replay by the way here’s a worksheet which is a transcript of the webcast because some people are audio. Some people want to hear, some people will scan the PDF, some people will listen to all of it. The reality of it is I give people different modalities. They consume it in different ways.

Ilana: I understand and your offer on the way but I’m assuming that expires.

Charles: Yes if you don’t give people, I’d like to see this, man this bull crap expiring webinars, see this on Facebook everyday, blah blah blah. If you don’t have a deadline you will put it off till the cows come home. It’s just human nature. I mean it’s like a which project you working today, which one is due today. Which one is got the most people screamin today. Because that’s just how it is. If we don’t have deadlines, we will put it off, put it off. Apply for college output I do it next year. Apply for college you know, 3 weeks from now. Okay let me get my stuff together without the deadlines. People will not bother.

Ilana: So how long is that deadline?

Charles: We give them 7 days because we have the replay one day, we give them audio, video transcript the next day. We start giving more a bonus 1, bonus 2, bonus 3, bonus four and then we remove all the bonuses either by the day. We give them the bonuses no matter what. But really it’s like one day seven is like hey this is the 48th day by 48 hour countdown begins. Countdown, countdown, countdown. Bye, bye, bye. From that standpoint there’s no deadline, you might as well just have done this as a public service message because nobody is going to buy.

Managing Webinars Deadline through Deadline Funnel

Ilana: I understand. And how do you manage those deadlines. Is it a deadline funnel something like that?

Charles: Yes. Absolutely, which is an amazing product by the way. Let me give a huge shout out to Jack Vaughn. Deadline is worth it I only know what the charge is that important. Deadline Funnels create a unique personal deadline for everyone who register for the webinar. So if you register today your deadline is 7 days today. If you register 3 weeks now you still get it 7days pass that is your registration deadline and it makes all the without the deadline funnels, you just, you have to have them on funnels.

Ilana: And I just ask a questions so it’s an automated webinar. What about if someone’s got a question on the webinar?

Charles: This kind of interesting thing. They have a question, we have a little box, hey ask a questions will respond back to just get a conversation going. You know is there somebody mad that it’s not. I mean yeah. We always get people. It’s not lie. Who do you think you are. You know. Well this don’t work too well with webinar and the people who complaining like that or if they are complaining they haven’t given me money yet? This is no way you want them as a client. You know if you can’t even make them happy before they be done anything for you. Let’s just say, you don’t need them as a client.

Ilana: Wow this is really very interesting. So if someone has a question then how do you answer that question if you’re not live.

Charles: Just come into the replay as a email or send me an email I reply back to them directly. A lot of people in the firing line once they’ve had these webinars automated their High VA’s in the Philippines just answer the questions. Their VA’s are just meant companies that action webinars 24 hours a day that’s what they do. And 90%.of the questions you get will pretty much be the same questions and you use those questions in your follow up emails because you know for a fact you know people keep asking will this work, I am a left handed with blonde hair, 5’3” and I live in Anaheim California next to Disney World.

Yeah you get those questions and we start getting enough of them then that becomes your email. We have an FAQ email like hey will this work if I’m just getting started. Probably not you know. Will this work if I do xyz. You know that’s really that becomes email.

Essential Equipments in Doing Webinar

Ilana: So let’s say I’m listening to this episode, I’m getting really excited. What would you say is some kind of absolute fundamental essential equipment I need to do this?

Charles: A couple of things to look at. You can just say you want to do it live. I’m just say you do it live you can use GoToWebinar does live in it does replace now. Yes it’s in beta but it will, you can do replay. So that’s really, really cool. So that’s one way to do it. You can use something called everwebinar, works amazingly well. It creates many pages their default landing pages suck. I’m just going to be blunt about it. All landing pages do not work all that well but they work. It integrates with everything and it’s an amazing product. You can use it in its like 490 every year.

There is another product called Stealth which they have the best support on the planet. They actually do it. Actually they don’t want you to set the webinar. You tell them you want. They set it out for you. The guys have just amazes me. The problem is if you get some like me and the guy has taken a screwdriver to every other day on half which with this and having to go through somebody support for me to tweak it even though you quit. I just don’t like it a lot. People love it and you guys who make millions a year with it. I just need to be able to tweak it myself just fundamental trolls issue. So stealth webinar there is another thing called easy webinar. Me and Charles use that, your friend and mutual friend Charles.

We use that brokenness but I think we may have used it wrong. So I hear other people having great results with it. I never use that one. I used Stealth, Ever Webinar or Easy Webinar. Those three that I personally have had experience with. Truthfully all three of them rock on me if you’re not technical just go to stealth and just set this thing up for me they do it. If you’re like me very technical and you wanna try an API’s and everything else go Ever Webinar.

Easy Webinar is like easiest webinar I could ever imagine. Will look like a couple screen and you get a lot of replay. The key is that you want to, for as it has to integrate with your email auto-responder. So from that standpoint you know I won’t be of attack people. Did you show me did you leave early. Did you not show up at all. I would have a retag those people and give them a different user experience. Yeah because at the end of the day we’re really in a scenario where there is no such thing as a one size fits all scenario. I don’t believe that you don’t believe it was less. I’m gonna once asked that all anything that worked truthfully for most of this and it’s just not happening.

Ilana: I just say, one size fits no one.

Charles: Exactly. So that’s how the thing that you want to look at. Because of that each one is slightly different and you make sure it integrates with your auto-responded to be able to segment out ABC. The next thing you will work at is where you host your replay pages. Then one integrates with all through those products we see and that’s where you get those automated email day one, day two, day three, day four, day five, day 6 when you click on the replay deadline funnel basically inject a countdown timer on the page based on when you opt in for the webinar. And that’s very very important because at the end of the day when you’re looking at from a standpoint of how are you generated those leads you want to make sure that they feel like it’s special to them because if you say hey here’s you know it calls and tease you better make sure it calls and tease you. You can use Facebook segmentation say okay Bob opted out to the webinar, do not show Bob this webinar again.

What we do is a Bob, let’s just say Bob in seven days he misses the webinar and he comes back clicks the link then Hey Mr. webinar, well here’s the sign-in page. So Bob joins the waiting list. Two weeks later, hey Bob, we’re gonna opens up the weekend would you like to buy it 12 seats Bobs gonna buy it at the end of the day. I kept my word. I be completely legit and we’ve opened the webinar two weeks after he missed his date.

Ilana: Interesting. So we need some kind of webinar software that integrates with an existing autoresponder that whatever you have a deadline funnel those are the three essentially greedy ingredients.

Charles: Exactly without the end I’ve test the webinar actually has to build in deadline thing I think ever webinar may have a build-in deadline but none of them are as good as deadline funnels. Deadline funnels is just like $37. Give you one every webinar and depend on how you do that. Another certainly that kinda worked around the way people act these things together so many different ways to do it. But at the end of the day it’s just you know it’s maybe easier just go to up work and say hey this is what I got. Put it together in the story, done deal. And sometimes that’s the easiest thing to do.

Ilana: So can you give us an idea of what kind of results you’ve got and search results that people could expect if they get all their ducks lined up to do this kind of very sophisticated marketing that you’re doing.

Charles: Let’s just say that we get a hundred people who sign up for webinar. Let’s just use as in 100 people in general. You can typically close between people say between 10% but I have never close 10% on the webinar. If you’re doing a webinar we’re just not hyping and you’re not trying to like scam people and stuff like that, you can expect between a 4 to 7% close range. So we get 100 people on the webinar, I expect that the minimum figure to go through that sequence out of that I’m going to get 24/7 buyers for every hundred people who sign up for the webinar. Those numbers vary. I mean that’s just counting numbers like we were to do a lot webinar tonight, actually expect to close product 7% but webinars are replays we know it’s replay and we don’t have the chat feature. There are a lot of little things that don’t convert as well in replays but it’s completely or may not have to deal it and at the end of the day it’s all about you delivering a personalized experience to quality.

Ilana: Yeah that’s what it’s all about segmentation these days. Well that sounds very, very interesting, Charles. You’ve definitely got my brain ticking over and hopefully some of our listeners are getting excited about the endless opportunities that this world of online marketing can deliver. I am very mindful of your time and so you’ve been really, really generous with your time. So I don’t want to take up too much more of your time. I guess it’s just the last kind of question is I guess what would you say is like the number one thing if you could recommend that people do within their business like I I’ve been, I don’t know how to put words in your mouth. But I think I got to know what your answer would be to help them sort of generate leads and sales with webinars.

Generating Leads and Sales with Webinars

Charles: I think at the end of the day to make sure your offer is really good because most people focus on the technical aspect of like API integration or whatever the reality is if your offer is good and you’ve got a great presentation it’s not hard to create presentations. Believe me there’s a book called Gears Biscoe arguing when he’s like the number one trial attorney in America. This guy has a legend and interesting concept was as a trial attorney he never asked a question he didn’t really know the answer to. So slowly Baywatch script out the questions to lead to the verdict of guilty. So we were laying out the arguments for whether we follow the same so it’s like what do you need to believe about my project for you to say yes to. That’s the big thing. What do you need to believe to say yes.

Ilana: Interesting and obviously you know the success of it hinges on you having an offer that they’re interested in.

Charles: Exactly. So like if you’re sale with the agency is like hey here’s SOP documents and you know how you can save time scare your agency do its work. That makes sense then makes perfect sense.

Ilana: There’s value in that.

Charles: Exactly. But if you were to say hey here’s the article on 10 Ways to Save Ten Dollars a Week can go through when even remotely strike your interest.

Ilana: Yeah, Interesting. Charles thank you so much for coming on our show. I feel like I could talk with you endlessly. But I as I said I am mindful of your very precious times so I don’t want to take up any more of it thank you. Just lastly where people find out more about you and sort of your services that you offer.

Charles: Yeah you can head over to and you meet neatly get a pop-up of where I’m going to try to give you free content and when you opt in, I’m going to try to sell you want a membership because you know what I’d be a horrible marketer if I didn’t do that. But seriously head over there. We got a lot of content. I mean we get our content we do tons of podcast, tons of videos, tons of tutorials, and our big theory is the more we give the more we get back. So that’s my take on.

Ilana: I like it. Thank you again and lovely talking to you as always.

Charles: Thank you. Have a good one.

Ilana: You too, bye.

Well I hope you enjoyed listening to that episode with Charles Kirkland. I certainly enjoyed having a chat to him as well.

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