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What Is Google Tag Manager & Why Should I Use It?

google tag managerIf you have your ear to the ground with latest technologies which are out, you may have heard about Google Tag Manager.

The team at Green Arrow Digital absolutely love Google Tag Manager and we will give you a few reasons why.

But first we will need to assume no knowledge and tell you…

What is Google Tag Manager (GTM)?

GTM is a little bit of code which is placed on your website which manages all your other codes. So, instead of having to upload (or ask your Webmaster to upload) code to your website for Google Analytics etc, you just upload the GTM code once and then within GTM, you manage all your other codes. So, it is a much simpler and cleaner way of managing tracking codes.

Why do we love Google Tag Manager?


The main reason we love GTM is about control. It is a great way to centralise the management of all your tracking codes in the one place. Speaking from experience, it can get very confusing keeping track of the placement of all different types of tracking codes on multiple pages of your website. So, having them all in one central location is a logical and simple format which makes for much easier management. This extends further when you may need to update some code – finding the code to update is so much simpler and saves you a lot of time and confusion.


The second main reason is GTM gives you the ability to test if you code is working before it is live. GTM has a debugging tool which will show you if the code has been copied in properly (you’ll be amazed how often it is wrong) and if it is in the right place. This alone will save you a few days work.


GTM is a robust tool which has many predefined settings in it. This makes it easy implementation for standard codes, such as Google Analytics and Google AdWords remarketing code.

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