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How To Setup Remarketing for Your Website

Either you are brand new to AdWords or you’ve been running ads for a while, you NEED to add in your remarketing code to your website. Did I stress NEED enough? The longer you wait not having it on your site, the more missed opportunities you are going to have down the track by not being able to show your past visitors ads.

Don’t know what Remarketing is? It allows you to show ads to people who have been to your website (in the last 540 days!) . 

So, if you have installed your code, below is a quick tutorial video on how to create your remarketing code to then install it on your website. Like Google Analytics code, you need to copy it into the back-end of your website for it to be recording data – it is not enough to have generated the code – it needs to be installed! Watch below.

Once you have created the code (as shown above) and installed it on your site, you now need to create some lists.

Setting up your Remarketing List

1. Log-in to your Adwords account.

2. Click ‘Shared Library’ in the left navigation bar of Adwords, and Click ‘View’ under Audiences


3. Click “+ Remarketing List”, and select “Website Visitors”

You can also use Remarketing for your App users or Customer emails, just select them from the given list.


4. Give your list a descriptive name.


5. Choose how you would like to segment your visitors.


6. For the “Membership duration”, this is the number of days you want a user’s cookie stays on the remarketing list you are setting up.

By default, “Membership duration” is 30 days, but it would be better to create different remarketing duration to better identify which specific duration your previous visitors are interacting with your ads.

Ideally, you can setup different remarketing lists under different membership durations that are on a weekly basis. So you need to setup 1 day, 7 days, 14 days, 21 days, 30 days, and so on depending until when you like to do remarketing on your visitors.


You may also give a description to the remarketing list you are creating to better identify them if you will be setting up more remarketing lists.


7. Click on Save

There you have it. Simple as that!



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