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What Is Remarketing?

You may have heard the term “remarketing” or “retargeting” being mentioned around and wondered what it was. But truth be told, if you don’t know what it is, you have most likely experienced it unknowingly.

Remarketing is essentially continuing to market to the specific group of people who have already been to your website.

Consider this example…

The other day, I was looking to renew my car insurance. So, I went to the NRMA website to get an idea of price. I left without contacting them or filling in any form and then a day or two later…. I see this on the Sydney Morning Herald website…


remarketing example ad

Or this is another example you may have experienced….

Or you were looking at buying a pair of shoes online, for whatever reason, you didn’t purchase them, and then, ‘miraculously’ (or not so miraculously), an ad for those exact pair or shoes shows up in your Facebook news feed?


facebook remarketing

So, even if you are not familiar with the term remarketing, you would have no doubt experienced it in some form.

Why Is Remarketing So Popular?

Remarketing is a great way to reconnect with people who have already expressed an interest in your business. It is an extremely effective form of marketing since it is so targeted – due to the fact that people have already visited your website, they therefore have expressed some form of interest.

Remarketing can be particularly effective for specific types of businesses:

Remarketing for Ecommerce Businesses

Shopping Cart Abandonment – You can show ads to people who have left the checkout page without actually purchasing the items they placed in the shopping cart.

Related Product Items – This is called Dynamic Remarketing and you can show ads of products which are related to the specific item they have just purchased

Time Delay Remarketing

Remarketing can be particularly useful for companies that would like to continue to market to people after a specific time has lapsed. This is best explained with a few examples…

  1. Insurance companies – people who viewed insurance policies (and did not purchase), can be remarketed to one year later (when their existing policy with another company is likely to be ending).
  2. Travel companies – people who view ‘child friendly accommodation’ or ‘holiday deals with kids’ are likely to travel during school holidays. Travel companies can then show them such holiday packages for those specific times of the year.
  3. Dentists – ads can be shown to people for 6 monthly checkups
  4. Pest Control companies – summertime is usually the time people need pest control. So, pest control companies can start a remarketing campaign just before summer starts.

These are just some examples of what is possible. But really, the opportunities are endless for usability and adaptation of remarketing.

So, if this article hasn’t managed to convince you to start a remarketing campaign straight away, at the very least, please install remarketing code in now. This is because even if you are not ready to start remarketing now, if and when you are ready, by having the code installed, you will then have the ability to remarket to the people who have been to your website from when you installed the code.

If you need a hand doing any of the above, or want to talk about opportunities for your business, contact us for more information.


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