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Google To Stop Showing Ads On Right Hand Side

Big news….. Google is officially removing the ads from the right hand side of all desktop searches! This may not sound like big news, but if you’ve been in the AdWords space for a while, you will know that this is in fact pretty big news in the industry.

So, the new changes are as follows:

  • There will now be 4 ads above the organic listings for desktop searches
  • The remainder ads will now below the organic listings.
  • There will only be 3 ads below the organic listings
  • so now there are only a total of 7 ads (previously there were 10)
  • This is only for desktop searches
  • PLAs (Product Listing Ads) are excluded from this

See a screenshot of the new format below

no ads rhs


Although Google has been testing this for a while now, it is officially being rolled out for all searches in all languages worldwide.

So, what do we think of the removal of these ads?

Although the specifics remains to be seen, we anticipate a few implications.

  1. The most obvious consequence we see will be that the ads in the top 4 spots will be even more valuable than ever. This will most likely increase the CPC even further for these ad positions. Which will then mean an even bigger importance and reliance on a good Quality Score.
  2. Another noticeable change will be seen in Ad Position 4, which will now jump from the side to the top. So a big increase in CTR for that ad position. And it will be very interesting to see the effect on the ad positions below the organic listings. The ads on the RHS always had a much lower CTR anyway, so will be interesting to see how big the effect will be.
  3. But the biggest change is that now there are only 7 ad spots, a reduction from the previous maximum of 10. This will be driving prices up as well. So we suspect we are going to see an increase in costs from advertisers, which makes me think this is a revenue generating move from Google.

But this also means that the importance of having proper AdWords management has never been more important.

So, if you need a little help with your campaigns or just want to ask us a question, get in touch!


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