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Callout Text Ad Extension Now Available

Google have just announced that they are rolling out the “callout” text feature.

This is good news and we are certainly happy about this announcement. So, let’s delve into a bit more about this and how you can jump on board….

What Is The Callout Text Ad Feature?

This is an ad extension. That means, it is in addition to your existing ad.

So, it does not replace the headline or description lines, it appears at the bottom of your existing ad.

You can see what I mean by this picture.

callout ad extension

As you can see, the callouts are below the description lines.

Benefits Of The Callout Ad Extensions

Like most ad extensions, they increase your amount of real-estate on the Google page which is good for most people.

It is also a really good way to differentiate your business from your competitors by mentioned benefits like “money back guarantee”, “free shipping” or “price matching”. Whatever service or product differentiator your business has, it is a good idea to put them in.

How To Add In Callout Extensions?

You will need to go to the Ad Extensions tab. You will then be sent to page with all of the ad extensions.

As shown in the image below, you will have to click on the drop down menu and select “callout extensions” and then click “+extension”.

how to add callout extension

You can add them at the account, campaign or ad group level and you will need to add in a minimum of 2 callouts.

There is also a character limit to each ad extension.

The default setting is also set to show on all devices, but you can specify to have them shown on mobiles or desktops / tablets. It is probably worth testing both.

It is also worth mentioning that you are not charged for callouts as they are not a clickable link. But the usual click charges apply for clicks on your ad.

Once you have them running for a while, you can have a look at the difference in CTR of your ads to see if there has been an improvement in CTR.

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