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Benefits of Remarketing and Why You Should Start Using It

The marketing strategy that knocks on the door of your customer and closes the sale.

Lost sales in business can be a real kicker. A customer walks into your store, admires a product and then leaves empty handed and all you managed to achieve was a ‘good morning’ exchange.

We know that they could have been a potential sale, but aside from chasing them down the street, there really isn’t a whole lot we can do to find out much more about them or indeed know if our store was enough to coax them back.

But let’s consider the same customer was perusing your online store. They’ve admired a product, perhaps even put it into their cart, but then left your site without closing the sale. The beauty of this scenario is that we have plenty of options to follow up this potential sale.

With the help of Remarketing and cleverly placed website code, we can track this clients’ behaviour, remind them of your brand through their Facebook and Google travels and ultimately, increase the chances of a sale and more importantly, your return on investment. You can even up-sell to existing customers by showcasing different product categories to them, reaching them within your designated time frame following the completion of a purchase.

We all know ROI is king – the magic figure that spells out how much you have earned from the money you’ve invested into a particular marketing campaign.

And nothing achieves a greater ROI quite like Remarketing.

Which is one of the many reasons we love Remarketing!

And here are the others:

  • It is one of the most cost effective marketing strategies you can opt for as it is so targeted. We’ve seen large companies employ Remarketing strategies time and time again and you can bet your bottom dollar that they’ve done the research, scoured the analytics and ensured that they aren’t sinking their millions into a campaign that doesn’t bear impressive fruit.
  • Remarketing provides you the ability to refine your message to each and every potential lost sale. For every client that leaves your site empty handed, you can tailor your message to include the products or services they considered, without the need to ‘chase them down the street’. You already know that there was a genuine interest in the product they viewed, so by Remarketing it to them, you are simply reminding them of your brand and the lost opportunity to purchase from you.
  • Your captured data will allow you to access lists of clients, segmenting them into categories for easy, tailored ad creation. From existing customers, to browsers, to sales that didn’t convert, you’ll be able to quickly see who did what, for how long and when. Forget the old ‘cold calling’ style of marketing, this is a hot lead and by employing this simple strategy, you are able to strike while the iron is hot so to speak and increase the number of touch points between you and your customer, encouraging them through your sales funnel to close the deal.

More touch points = increase brand awareness = more sales = greater return on your investment.


But here’s the best news. Unlike some marketing strategies such as social media, blog writing and SEO, you don’t have to spend infinite time and money on updating your campaign. The data provided by your Remarketing code is one of the most accurate ways of identifying exactly what is of interest to your market, aside from asking them.

Forget chasing your lost sale down the street, they’ve just invited you into their living room for a hot cup of tea.

You can now guarantee that you can talk to your customer, without the stress of worrying whether your posts are landing on your fans’ newsfeeds or not. Pretty impressive, right?

Remarketing will also offer you trackable, data-based reports to see exactly how many of your sales convert. The guess work is gone, you’ll actually be able to see how many of your website visitors are served with your personalised message and how many of them actioned your reminder, re-visiting the website and finalising their purchase. You can see your campaign at work, you can review it and edit it as you go, you can ensure that visitors are seeing exactly what they need to be seeing and then you can track your revenue.

Gone are the days of coupon codes that need to be entered into checkout pages in order to track your sales origin, your unique Remarketing campaign will show you your bottom line, in clear analytic data.

Your re-marketing campaign will also allow you to piggy-back off other websites that have a proven track record of delivering results. Think Facebook, YouTube and Google. Tracking conversions allows you to see how many sales you are getting from your Remarketing campaign on particular sites and you have the ability to re-evaluate their performance, the times your ads are delivered and on which particular sites you’d like your tailored message to be seen.

You have complete control over your investment, your campaign is flexible and able to reviewed or you can simply ‘set and forget’, and you’ll have constant access to your ROI figures.

It may seem too good to be true and while re-marketing is simple, cost-effective and a proven method of increasing your revenue, it can feel a little ‘techy’ for small business owners.

At Green Arrow Digital, we want to debunk this myth and make your lost sales a thing of the past. Head over to our FREE video course, which will outline the process of setting up your re-marketing strategy, so that you can do it yourself. Simple. We’ll see you there.

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