7 Ways To Increase The Click-Through-Rate Of Your Ads

One of the best aspects about Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

So the challenge many advertisers face is enticing people to click on your ads. Whilst the ad copy plays a crucial role, there are other aspects to factor in.

We have compiled a checklist of these other aspects so you can get the best chance of a high click-through-rate (CTR).

Best Ways To Increase Click-Through-Rate of Ads

1. Add Sitelinks

Sitelinks are additional links below your ad. You can see what we mean by the picture below.


As you can see from the picture above, the sitelinks are the additional hyperlinks below the ad. Sitelinks used correctly can really enhance an ad by taking up additional and valuable real-estate on the Google page. In fact, we recommend adding in all of the available ad extensions.

ad extensions

With sitelinks, the one caveat with these is that they each need to point to a different page on your website. So, you cannot have 4 sitelinks, each pointing to the same page.  We highly recommend adding sitelinks to your ad as we get great results from our sitelinks. You can even have different sitelinks for different campaigns. But we will be posting a dedicated article on sitelinks, so stay tuned.

2. Capitalise The First Letter In Every Word

We find we get the best results from having the first letter in every work in an ad with a capital letter. This can be shown below.

capitalisation of ad

Whatever the reason, perhaps it is psychological, but it definitely makes your ad stand out more. We have tested this extensively, and get much better results from having each work start with a capital letter.

3. Ensure Your Have Negative Keywords

If you have some of your keywords set to broad match, your ad is going to show up for a lot of results. Some of which are relevant and of course, some of which are not.

So, the best way to ensure your ad is showing up when you should be, is to add negative keywords to your keyword list. By ensuring your ad is only showing up when it is relevant will boost your CTR.

This is best explained with an example. Say you have a catering business and you bid on the term ‘catering company’ (broad match). Your ad may end up displaying for people looking for catering company supplies. They’ll see that your ad is irrelevant to their needs and won’t click on it, lowering your click-through rate. So, by adding in a negative keyword of “supplier”, “supplies” etc, your ad will not be displayed for those types of queries.

4. Incorporate Long Tail Keywords

This leads us to incorporating long tail keywords into your campaigns. Generally speaking the more words in a search query (long tail keywords), the more targeted the term and therefore the more relevant your ad can be.

Long tail keywords have significantly less volume, are much more focused and targeted to a specific topic and have the added bonus of often being significantly cheaper than one or two word keywords. So, are a necessary component to a successful AdWords account

5. Ensure Your Keywords Are Relevant To The Ads

One of the most common mistakes people make is putting too many keywords into one ad group. This becomes a problem as the more keywords you have in each ad group, the more difficult it is to match the keywords to the ad. We recommend an absolute maximum number of 20 keywords per ad group. But in reality, we often only have a handful of keywords per ad group. This ensures that each ad is highly targeted to the keywords we are bidding on and importantly is extremely relevant. Hence, a high CTR.

6. Increase Your Bids

Ad position also plays a role in CTR. I read somewhere that the ads that are in the first 3 spots (above the organic results) get 3 times as many clicks as the ads on the sidebar. So, by increasing your bids to be one of the top 3 ad positions will no doubt improve your CTR. However, it will also dramatically increase your advertising costs!

7. Split Test Your Ads

Once again, it amazes me how many times I see accounts with only 1 ad in an ad group.

Each ad group should have at least 2 ads so you can find which is the winning ad. We continually split test our ads to continually try and improve the CTR. Bear in mind, the more ads you have in each ad group, the longer it will take to statistically find a winning ad.

So there you have it.

We hope you find this list helpful and of course, if you have any comments or questions, we would love to hear from you. So, leave a comment below.

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